On deep, sometimes wracking emotions erupting through yoga from a fellow yoga teacher, Kristen.

Edge of the Mat


Out of nowhere, the heart hurts.  A tiny event can trigger a well of emotion that’s been cleverly hidden.

I’ve often heard it said, and I do believe, that when done with proper alignment, yoga postures don’t create sensation inside your body.  They illuminate what’s already there inside.  A camel pose, a deep backbend and stretching of the front side of your body, makes you want to cry, or scream, or puke because of what you’ve held on lockdown inside your chest.  Because what you’ve been holding onto is being shifted and broken apart.

There is something that’s inherently violent about this process.  Tearing, ripping, severing, rupturing- these are other words for opening up, and often it doesn’t feel gentle as it’s happening underneath your skin.  Sometimes it feels like a giant hand has picked up the snow globe of my life and given it a brutal shake.  Pieces…

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